Video: Raising the Bar on Pressure Capabilities

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Jelayne Fortin

At Interface Fluidics, we've seen the impact that microfluidics testing has had in the biomedical sector and we’re bringing the power of microfluidic technology to the energy industry. Just as a device used on blood needs to match the conditions of the human body, a device used to measure fluids underground needs to be at the appropriate pressure. 

Interface has been continuously developing fluid analysis systems that deliver category leading high-pressure capabilities. We’re excited to introduce a system capable of handling the pressures seen in global oil, gas, and sequestration operations. Over the last five years, we’ve gone through several iterations of our design and hundreds of safety tests to consistently reach 15,000 psi − a pressure that allows our technology to be useful for high-pressure reservoirs around the world, like those along the U.S. Gulf Coast, the North Sea and offshore Brazil.

Additionally, these pressures were reached at conditions of 200 degrees Celsius. The ability to reach these pressures using microfluidics puts Interface far beyond the capabilities of others in the industry who use traditional oil lab equipment, where large oil samples are the norm.

Check out this video on our YouTube channel to learn more.

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