Smaller is Better – HSE benefits of working with interface

Image of Dave Sinton
Dave Sinton

Interfaces’ Microfluidic Technology Platform significantly reduces sample volumes required.

Traditional lab analysis for reservoir fluids typically requires sample sizes measured in Litres (L). With Interface’s Microfluidic Technology platform, we only need sample sizes measured in millilitres (ml). 

A smaller sample size gives our clients the benefit of easier and more energy-efficient collection, paired with more convenient, cost-effective shipping. It also brings Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) benefits by minimizing the impact of exposure or potential release that can affect our clients and teams.

From Interface’s perspective, smaller sample sizes also mean more efficient handling and storing in our lab.  While providing clients with fast, accurate results, we’re mindful that the samples we work with are hazardous and often analyzed under high pressure and temperature. While all Heath, Safety and Environmental procedures remain in place, we also have the added benefit of a proprietary Microfluidic Technology Platform that significantly reduces associated risks.   

Ready for a new, cost-effective solution? We’ll help you better understand the samples we need and how to get them to us. It might be a natural tendency to send us extra for good measure, but at Interface, smaller really is better!

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